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Garage Conversion Flooring Options

Converting a garage into a living area means extra space and a number of awesome flooring choices. There are several factors to consider, with the intended use of the space being the first one. Here are the most popular flooring choices when it comes to garage conversion.

Acid stained concrete

If you’ve planned the garage to serve multiple purposes, acid stained concrete is the best option. Whether you want a garage-cum-man cave or a complete living space, this flooring will look great with it. Its appearance is similar to granite and it’s resistant to dirt and car fluids. However, since it’s concrete, it’s very hard.

Epoxy flooring

If you’re planning to turn your garage into a game room or a workshop, epoxy flooring can give a nice look. Also, it can handle traffic and is easy to clean. It’s not easily harmed by car fluids. And if you add decorative chips beneath the upper coat, it looks great too.

Tiles Floor

Tiles floor can be made of a number of materials, such as polypropylene and PVC. Tiles come in all sizes, colors, and patterns. They give you a lot of choices and allow you to be creative. Apart from the color and pattern choices, you also get surface textures such as ribbed, coin-top, and others. The edges of the tiles interlock with each other and they can be installed and removed easily.


Whether you want to turn your garage into a game room, a workshop, or a man cave, floor tiles suit all types of requirements. You can turn the garage into a home office or a play area for your kids, and floor tiles will probably be the only flooring choice that will give you so many options. And you can park your car on them as well.


Carpeting is another popular choice – it looks great and it gives a warm appearance to the place. However, it traps moisture. If you want to remove the garage door and get the area framed in, you can work with a carpet. An indoor/outdoor carpet will be the perfect choice because it is resistant to mold and moisture.


If you want to convert your garage into a bedroom, apartment, or a family room, carpets will work with those settings and offer you a lot of choices in color and style.


An affordable flooring choice, vinyl handles moisture and cleans easily. There are practically hundreds of design and color choices. With the right patterns, you can make your vinyl flooring look like stone flooring, wooden flooring, or tile flooring. Vinyl flooring looks great in all types of settings, such as an apartment, bedroom, game room, and a workshop. You can glue the vinyl tiles on their perimeter and let them float so that they can be removed easily when you plan to get another type of flooring.

Wooden flooring

If you want to get a wooden flooring, go for engineered wood instead of solid wood. Engineered wood is better at handling changes in humidity, so it reacts less with moisture. Solid wool might buckle or swell up during the rainy months but engineered wood is more robust.


Wooden flooring can be installed over concrete as floating or it can be glued down. Glued down flooring becomes more difficult to repair so floating is generally preferred. There are several options in the type and color of the wood. There are exotic woods like bamboo, teak, and Brazilian cherry wood, and traditional woods like cherry, oak, and maple.


If you’re planning to convert your garage into an upscale place such as a gourmet kitchen, office, library, or cigar room, wooden flooring is the best option for you.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have been popular over the ages. They come in a number of shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. There are so many options and they allow you to be as creative as possible. Ceramic tiles offer various levels of customization and can handle moisture and some chemicals. It can also stand traffic (but not vehicular traffic). These tiles work great if you want to turn your garage into a kitchen.

Natural stone

It’s an expensive flooring that is durable and beautiful. If you’re planning to partially use your garage for the car, this will not work. However, if you want to use the garage as a complete living space, natural stone will make it stand out. It can be a great choice for a high-end cigar room, billiard room, or a home office. A warm rug will add to its appeal.

There are several different types of flooring you can choose from. If you’re planning to convert your garage into a living space, contact us. We have several flooring choices and we can tell you about the pros and cons of each. Depending on the type of garage conversion project, we can recommend the right flooring type to you.

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